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The 8 Best chickpea flours of 2024

Are you trying to find chickpea flours among various brands on the market but aren’t sure where to begin? To assist you in finding the right one, we’ve put together a list of the 7 best to help you pick the perfect one!

We investigated and evaluated a number of the top-selling chickpea flours on the market in order to create our list of the best. Making a decision among the many options available is never simple. There are an infinite number of models available, each with a distinct price. And as you’ll find out, the best options aren’t usually the ones you imagine! This comparison is rich and relevant because of the numerous factors that were employed. You will find products featured in this ranking not only based on their pricing but also on their features and other customers reviews. To write this review, we completed 24 hours of research and did 24 chickpea flours tests. You won’t need to pick products at random any more. If you’re unsure of what to look for, browse our list and consult the buying guide!

An overview of our top picks

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The best chickpea flours you can buy today

No. 1
Bob's Red Mill Chickpea Flour, 16-ounce (Pack of 4)
  • WHOLESOME GOODNESS: Garbanzo Bean Flour is stone ground from rich and hearty whol garbanzo beans; a popular ingredient for gluten free baking
  • GLUTEN FREE: To assure the integrity of our gluten free products, we’ve built a separate 100% gluten free facility and batch test in our quality control laboratory using an ELISA Gluten Assay test
  • EXCELLENT SOURCE OF FIBER: One serving offers 18% of your daily value of fiber; a good source of iron
  • NON-GMO: Non-GMO Project Verified; we’ve always been committed to sourcing raw materials that are not modified through genetic engineering
  • BOB'S RED MILL: Make folks a little happier: it’s the idea that keeps our stone mills grinding to fill every bag with wholesome goodness
No. 2
Anthony's Organic Chickpea Flour, Garbanzo Bean Flour, 2 lb, Gluten Free, Non GMO
  • USDA Organic Chickpea Flour
  • Batch Tested and Verified Gluten Free
  • Also known as Garbanzo Bean or Besan Flour
  • Dense flour with great binding tendencies
  • Great Gluten-Free alternative for baking, thickening sauces, soups and gravies!
No. 3
TAJ Premium Indian Besan Flour (Chick Pea, Gram Flour), (2-Pounds)
  • TAJ Gourmet Foods provides the best of quality. We stand behind our product when it comes to quality and satisfaction.
  • Besan Flour is made from Chana dal or ground chickpeas. Chickpea flour, garbanzo flour or besan
  • Staple ingredient in the subcontinental region of Asia.
  • Extremely healthy alternative to all purpose flour
  • hickpea flour is high in protein, fibre and micronutrients, while being low in carbohydrates and calories.
No. 4
Chickpea Flour | 3 LBS | Family Farmed in Washington State | 100% Desiccant Free | Non-GMO Project Verified | 100% Non-Irradiated | Certified Kosher | Garbanzo Bean Flour | Kraft Bag
  • PROUDLY GROWN ON OUR FARM: Palouse Brand Kabuli Sierra Chickpeas are proudly grown on our farm to provide our customers with an authentic farm to table experience. We grow our chickpeas on our 125 year old farm, harvest them, transport them, triple clean, mill them into flour, and package them to be sent directly to our customers.
  • NEW PACKAGING: We are excited to launch our updated bags. Please be patient with us while we work through the last of our previous packaging.
  • SINGLE INGREDIENT FLOUR: This Flour does have a shorter shelf life, as we do not add any preservatives and we do not remove any of the natural oils in the chickpeas, making it a premium flour with the freshest quality.
  • CERTIFIED PREMIUM QUALITY & NON-GMO: Our Chickpeas are proudly certified Non-GMO Project Verified, Sustainable by the Food Alliance, Kosher Parve and Desiccant Free.
  • HIGH STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE: Palouse Brand foods rise above our competitors by ensuring our chickpeas are triple cleaned in a food safe environment.
No. 5
Yupik Organic Gluten-Free Chickpea Flour, 2.2 lb, Non-GMO, Vegan
  • High in fiber and a good source of protein and iron
  • Use in baking as an alternative to wheat flour
  • Non-gmo, Gluten-free, sulfite-free, Vegetarian, Vegan and all-natural
  • Certified: organic and Kosher
  • Keep cool and dry
No. 6
Bobs Red Mill Garbanzo Bean Flour, 16 Ounce ( Pack - 1 )
  • One, 16 ounce Bag (1 pounds)
  • Gluten Free; Vegan; Vegetarian; stone ground; high in fiber; Kosher Pareve
  • Manufactured in a dedicated gluten free facility; R5-ELISA tested gluten free
  • Stone Ground on slow-turning quartz millstones
  • Excellent source of dietary fiber; Good source of iron
No. 7
Chickpea Flour 2lbs / 32oz, Stone Ground Chickpea / Garbanzo bean Flour, Batch Tested Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan.
  • Garbanzo flour, also known as chick pea flour, Gram flour or Besan, is STONE GROUND from 100% PREMIUM garbanzo beans to produce this SINGLE INGREDIENT, vegan, non-GMO, gluten free flour.
  • Chickpea flour is naturally GLUTEN FREE. Tested and verified. You can use this wonderful flour as a gluten free ALTERNATIVE in all of your gluten free, grain free cooking and baking.
  • Chickpea flour has great NUTRITIONAL VALUE. It is packed with lots of good PROTEIN and dietary FIBER and has even less calories and carbs then healthy whole wheat flour! Add garbanzo bean flour to your baked goods for an extra NUTRITIONAL BOOST!
  • Chickpea flour is ground from CREAMY and FLAVORFUL chickpea garbanzo beans. Adding chickpea flour to your favorite recipes will give your cooked and baked goods a richer and sweeter TASTE!
  • Chickpea flour is naturally DENSE and is a fantastic BINDER for both cooking and baking. You can use chickpea flour as a THIKENER in your sauces, soups and gravies or any other food that can use some extra stability!
No. 8
Sadaf Chickpea Flour Fine 16 oz - Gram Flour, Besam Flour, Garbanzo Bean Flour - Chick Pea Flour for Cooking and Baking - Harina de Garbanzo in a Reselable Bag
  • VERSATILE INGREDIENT: Use Sadaf Chickpea Flour Fine to make traditional dishes such as falafel, socca, and farinata, or in baking to make bread, cakes, and pastries.
  • GREAT THICKENER: Perfect for thickening soups and sauces, or for making different types of doughs.
  • EXCELLENT FOR VEGAN RECIPES: As a plant-based ingredient, Sadaf Chickpea Flour Fine is the perfect addition to vegan recipes. Use it as an egg substitute or to add texture and flavor to your favorite dishes.
  • NUTRITIOUS CHOICE: Made from 100% chickpeas, this fine flour is packed with nutrients, including fiber, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals.
  • PACKED in USA on shared equipment with wheat, tree nuts, soy and sesame.
No. 9
Chickpea Flour, 1lb, Garbanzo Bean Flour, Gluten Free Garbanzo Flour, Gram Flour Besan Flour, Chick Pea Flour, Chick Peas, Flour, All Natural, Non-GMO, Batch Tested, 1 Pound, By PuroRaw.
  • Stone ground chickpea flour is made by milling dried garbanzo beans into a superfine powder. This gluten free goodness is also called Garbanzo bean flour, Gram flour and Besan flour. We bring you the finest, the purest, best quality, 100% all-natural chickpea flour in a resealable pouch!
  • Chickpea flour has many uses and is a fantastic ingredient to keep in your kitchen. Baking with chickpea flour adds a nutty taste and a sweet, delicious flavor to your baked goods. Yum! Use chickpea flour to make wonderful cakes, sauces, gravies, muffins, pancakes, waffles, flatbreads and much more!
  • Specialty diet? No problem! Chickpea flour will suit almost any diet. Chickpea flour is gluten free and grain free, soy free and nut free. Our single ingredient Chickpea flour is kosher, vegan, all natural and non-GMO. Wow! If you are looking for a cooking or baking alternative, you found it right here!
  • Did someone say health? Chickpea flour is naturally gluten free and can be used as part of a gluten free flour blend or combined with all-purpose flour for a lower gluten content. Chickpea flour is packed with good nutrition like protein and fiber and has much less carbs then other flours!
  • Chickpea flour is a healthy and nutritious, grain free and gluten free flour with so many wonderful uses! You can use chickpea flour to thicken your sauces and gravies, as a binder for foods that can use some extra stability and to make baked goodies that are not only healthy and nutritious, but tasty too!
SaleNo. 10
Chickpea Flour Does It All: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian Recipes for Every Taste and Season
  • Love, Lindsey S. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 240 Pages - 04/05/2016 (Publication Date) - The Experiment (Publisher)
No. 12
Naturevibe Botanicals Chickpea Flour 4lb | Gram Flour | Besan Flour | Ground Garbanzo Beans Used for Cooking | Vegan Non-GMO GLuten Free (2 packs of 2lbs each) [Packaging may vary]
10,887 Consomer Reviews
Naturevibe Botanicals Chickpea Flour 4lb | Gram Flour | Besan Flour | Ground Garbanzo Beans Used for Cooking | Vegan Non-GMO GLuten Free (2 packs of 2lbs each) [Packaging may vary]
  • The chickpea, also known as garbanzo bean is one of the earliest cultivated legume in the Middle East
  • This power flour is a naturally dense flour that has good binding tendencies with a high protein and iron content.
  • Chickpea Flour is also called gram flour, garbanzo bean flour, or besan.
  • This flour consists of dried up chickpeas which have been ground into a gluten free flour. Chickpea Flour is useful as a substitute for wheat flour or in combination with other flours
  • Great Gluten-Free alternative for baking, thickening sauces, soups and gravies.
No. 13
Vör Pure Chickpea Flour | Garbanzo Bean Flour | 2lbs | Gluten Free | Non GMO
  • Non-GMO & Certified Vegan Chickpea Flour
  • Batch Tested and Gluten Free
  • Also known as Garbanzo Bean or Besan Flour
  • Chickpeas grown and ground in the United States
  • Gluten-Free alternative for baking, thickening sauces, soups and gravies!
No. 14
HEMANI Besan, Gram Flour, Chickpeas Flour, White Garbanzo Bean Flour, Hummus Flour - 4LB (1.8kg) - Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, High Plant-Based Protein
  • Amazingly Versatile - Besan or Chickpea Gram Flour is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used for both savory and sweet dishes. Use it to thicken curries, soups, stews, as a coating for vegetables and meats before frying, or make batter for fritters and pancakes.
  • Nutty Taste - Besan has a unique nutty flavor which makes it great not just for savory dishes but also in sweet dishes like besan ladoo and besan barfi. Enjoy the delicious flavor of this traditional ingredient!
  • Gluten-Free & High in Protein - Unlike wheat flour, chickpea gram flour is gluten-free and high in protein making it an excellent substitute for those with dietary restrictions seeking healthier alternatives to wheat flour.
  • Unique Texture & Color - As well as its distinct flavor profile, chickpea gram flour has a pale yellow color and a fine texture which means it can provide superior results compared to regular wheat flours.
  • Finely Grounded: Made with 100% Freshly Non-GMO White Garbanzo Beans, Chickpeas
No. 16
Jiva Organics Organic Chickpea Flour, Besan Flour 2 Pound - Non-GMO, Gram Flour Fine - Vacuum Packed
  • Certified USDA Organic Besan Flour made from Organic Chickpea Chana Beans grown in India
  • All Natural, No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives
  • Better nutrients - rich in antioxidants
  • Perfect for making pakoras, and other Indian dishes!
  • This flour is made from lentils that are rich in natural fiber, iron, and contain many B vitamins and minerals
No. 17
Rani Chana Besan (Chickpeas Flour, Gram) 128oz (8lbs) 3.63kg Bulk ~ All Natural | Vegan | Gluten Friendly | NON-GMO | Kosher | Indian Origin
  • You'll LOVE our Chana Besan (Chickpeas Flour) by Rani Brand--Here's Why:
  • 🌾Now KOSHER High Protein, Vegan, 100% Natural, No preservatives, Non-GMO, Gluten Friendly, PREMIUM Gourmet Food Grade Flour.
  • 🌾Chana Besan consists of dried chickpeas (Bengal Gram) which have been ground into a gluten-friendly flour.
  • 🌾Great substitute for All Purpose Flour / Wheat Flour, can be used in everything from cookies to pizza!
  • 🌾Net Wt. 128oz (8lbs) 3.63kg, Authentic Indian Product, Alternate Names: Chana ka Lot, Chickpeas Flour
No. 18
Organic Garbanzo Bean Flour, 1 Pound - Non-GMO Chickpea Flour, Stone Ground, Kosher, Vegan, Bulk, High in Protein and Fiber, Product of the USA
  • GREAT INGREDIENT: organic chickpea flour has many ways to use in your kitchen.
  • LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: The glycemic index of chickpea flour is 35 units.
  • NUTRIENT BUST: Organic Chickpea flour will supply your body with essential vitamins, minerals, vegetable protein, and amino acids.
  • ORGANIC PRODUCT: Organic chickpea flour is an organic product and free from any contaminants.
  • CONVENIENCE PACKAGE: If stored correctly, Organic Garbanzo Bean Flour from Food to Live will remain fresh for months.
SaleNo. 19
The Chickpea Flour Cookbook: Healthy Gluten-Free and Grain-Free Recipes to Power Every Meal of the Day
  • Saulsbury, Camilla V. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 176 Pages - 10/07/2015 (Publication Date) - Lake Isle Press (Publisher)
No. 20
Garbanzo Bean Flour - Gluten-Free Chickpea Flour, 17.06 Ounces - Molino Zanone Farina Di Ceci 500 grams
  • ITALIAN CHICK PEA FLOUR - Farina di Ceci is made of pure ground raw garbanzo beans that are packed with nutrients - high in protein, iron, fiber and micronutrients, while being low in carbohydrates and calories!
  • USE BESAN CHICKPEA FLOUR FOR ALL YOUR GLUTEN FREE FLOUR NEEDS - This versatile, Italian gram flour has a subtle flavor - so it's good for savory dishes and sweet desserts alike. Use it to add vital nutrients and protein to your tortilla, pancakes, flatbread and all other baking.
  • GARBANZO FLOUR IS A GREAT BINDER - flour made from ground chickpeas is naturally dense, enhancing its ability to bind your gluten free baked goods! Or mix with water and heat for a naturally creamy vegan cheese substitute!
  • ALLERGEN-FREE GARBANZO BEAN FLOUR - Finally, an Italian style chick pea flour that is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, sesame free, peanut free, fish free and non-gmo! Add a case to your order today!
  • NATURALLY VEGAN - No animal products or by-products are included in the processing of this pure gluten free flour, making it the first choice for those on a gluten free vegan diet!

How to choose a good chickpea flours

Does the idea of finding a fantastic chickpea flours make you anxious? When it comes to purchasing this product, specifically when deciding which model to select, has your head been spinning between options? You are not alone if that is the case. We are aware of the pressure involved in the purchasing process!

Your presence here indicates that you are interested in chickpea flours. Before choosing which product would be the best for your needs after being inundated with information, locate a reliable source with genuine selections. You can get that information from a variety of sources, including buying guides and rating websites, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, online discussion forums where users can share their own experiences, product reviews that can be found all over the internet, and YouTube channels. You can only get the right product through exhaustive analysis. But you realize that’s not always simple. In order to ease your concerns, we have taken the time to develop a list of the top chickpea flours products available right now. You might be wondering how we came up with the list. How was this buying guide developed?

First, we used our algorithms to gather as much reliable data as we could about these products. To verify all the data gathered, we used both artificial intelligence and a lot of algorithms.
Then, our experts used criteria that are recognized in the business to evaluate them according to their quality to price ratio, allowing us to choose the top chickpea flours on the market right now!

The selection of the goods is not arbitrary. Before creating a list, we take into account a number of factors. Below are some of the criteria discussed:

Brand Value: What happens if you choose a dubious brand just because it appears to be a good deal? So the likelihood of receiving a product with a short shelf life increases. That is due to the fact that well-known brands have a reputation to uphold, while others do not. Top chickpea flours brands strive to provide some distinctive traits that set them apart from the competition. So, hopefully one or more of the items on our list will be perfect for you.

Features: Useful features are all you need, not tons of them. We consider the important aspects and select the top chickpea flours based on those.

Specifications: Numbers always help you measure the quality of a product in a quantitative way. We try to find products with higher specifications, but with the right balance.

Quality: A product’s quality may always be quantified with the aid of numbers. We look for goods with better standards that strike the proper balance. The best quality product that gets highly appreciated and recommended by experienced users.

Customer ratings:  Would it be accurate to suggest that the chickpea flours were used by hundreds of customers before you? Superior ratings indicate that many customers had better service.

Customer Reviews: Like ratings,  provide you with accurate and reliable information about the product from genuine customers. Customer ratings are very important to all of us because they contain accurate and reliable information about the customer service we received from several hundred customers.

Seller Rank: This is very intriguing! Not only do you need a good chickpea flours, you also need a product with rising sales that is trendy. It accomplishes two goals. First, the expanding user base proves the quality of the product. Second, given that number, producers must be able to offer greater quality and after-sales support.

Value: You get what you pay for, they say, so consider the value. Cheap isn’t always good and expensive isn’t always bad. However, that does not imply that spending a lot of money on a product that is flashy but underwhelming is a good idea. Before adding them to the list, we make an effort to evaluate how much value you can get for your money from your chickpea flours.

Durability: Durability and reliability are closely related concepts. You will benefit from a strong and long-lasting chickpea flours for months and years to come.

Product availability: Products come and go, and new ones replace the old ones. Most likely, a few new features and required changes were made. What use is it to use a supposedly good product if the maker no longer supports it? We make an effort to highlight products that are current and offered by one or more trustworthy sellers, if not more.

Negative Reviews: Yes, we do take that into account as well! The goods with the majority of bad reviews are filtered out and disregarded when we choose the best-rated one on the market.

These are the standards by which we selected our chickpea flours. Do we end our process there? Hell no. The most crucial fact about us that you should be aware of is that we regularly update our website with current and pertinent information. We have one more layer of filtration since we place the greatest importance on reader satisfaction. Please let us know if any product included here is incorrect, irrelevant, subpar, or simply out of date. We always value your opinions, and we’ll work hard to make any necessary corrections to our list in response to them.

Why should you believe us?

There are now thousands of possibilities for these products on Amazon, but choosing the best one can be difficult and time-consuming. And what chickpea flours should you purchase in 2022?

This guide is the result of more than 10 years of experience in researching, testing and writing about many topics. Each member of our team is an authority in their area. We read every article we could find online and every consumer review on every retail website for seven hours. Additionally, we discovered a ton of websites that offered helpful resources, including buying tips and thorough information on chickpea flours.