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The 8 Best erotic massage oils of 2023

Are you trying to find erotic massage oils among various brands on the market but aren’t sure where to begin? To assist you in finding the right one, we’ve put together a list of the 7 best to help you pick the perfect one!

We investigated and evaluated a number of the top-selling erotic massage oils on the market in order to create our list of the best. Making a decision among the many options available is never simple. There are an infinite number of models available, each with a distinct price. And as you’ll find out, the best options aren’t usually the ones you imagine! This comparison is rich and relevant because of the numerous factors that were employed. You will find products featured in this ranking not only based on their pricing but also on their features and other customers reviews. To write this review, we completed 17 hours of research and did 32 erotic massage oils tests. You won’t need to pick products at random any more. If you’re unsure of what to look for, browse our list and consult the buying guide!

An overview of our top picks

Table of contents

The best erotic massage oils you can buy today

No. 1
Ardorlove Men Massage Oil Sex Erotic Massage Essential Oil Penis Cream Increase Sexual Desire Private Part Sex Body Oils
  • Massage oil provide multiple pure and mild nutrient ingredients and infuse active energy to effectively improve skin texture and soothe body and mind.
  • This oily smooth skin gives a smooth touch, enhances the quality of life, adds a wonderful fun to the world of two, and promotes the emotional enhancement of the partner.
  • Physical changes: Sexual sensitivity increases, sexual impulses rise, and the penis and testicles feel warm. The duration of vigorous erection increased significantly.
  • Penis changes: Rapid erection, increased secretions, firmer, stronger
  • If you have any questions or problems with our products, just feel free to contact us.
No. 2
Aromatherapy Sensual Massage Oil for Couples - Relaxing Full Body Massage Oil for Date Night with Sweet Almond Oil - Vegan Lavender Massage Oil for Massage Therapy Smooth Gliding Formula (16 Fl Oz)
  • Calming Scented Oil - Lie down relax and enjoy a full body massage using our highly absorbent massage body oils for women and men infused with nutrient rich vitamin E for nourishing skin care
  • Enriched with Natural Oils - Reap the benefits of a quality aromatherapy body oil for dry skin with our satisfying formula of sweet almond oil jojoba and lavender essential oil for a relaxing massage
  • Couples Massage Oil - Our nourishing massaging oil for professional or home use glides smoothly onto skin and is the ideal sensual massage oil for a relaxing couples massage to enhance your connection
  • At Home Spa Day - Looking for aromatherapy relaxation gifts for women then look no further than our massage oil for massage therapy that helps moisturize dry skin and can improve your connection
  • Maple Holistics Quality - We pride ourselves on our cruelty free vegan massage oils featuring quality natural ingredients because we believe you deserve the best aromatherapy products for self care
SaleNo. 3
Passion Sensual Massage Oil for Couples – 100% Natural Body Massage Oil for Date Night with Jojoba Oil – Relaxing Massage Oil for Massage Therapy - Perfect Glide & Smooth Skin, Tropical Paradise Scent
  • Find Your Passion! Let the sweet tropical scent of Passion Massage Oil whisk you away to paradise while providing aromatherapy benefits & unparalleled relaxation. Our all natural massage oil is the perfect way to add some excitement to your next massage.
  • Turn an ordinary massage into an unforgettable one! Passion Massage Oil is perfect for couples massage. Let your hands do the talking and give your partner a mind-blowing massage.
  • Say hello to soft & smooth skin! Greasy residue that can stain the sheets is a thing of the past. Passion Massage Oil is the perfect consistency for couples massage and will prevent skin to skin friction during full body massage. The oil conditions the skin resulting in healthy, moisturized skin (never greasy or sticky).
  • Perfect for women & men to relax sore muscles, aching back, shoulders & more. Great for deep tissue massages. Can be used for the ultimate at home massage or by professional massage therapists – either way the massage will be incredible.
  • 100% natural ingredients you can trust! In life’s romantic moments, the last thing on your mind should be the ingredients in the products you use. At Brookethorne Naturals, our products are made in the USA, Paraben Free & never tested on animals.
No. 4
Tropical Sensual Massage Oil for Couples - Complete Relaxation Full Body Massage Oil with Jojoba Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil with Mango Scent for Complete Relaxation - Non GMO Gluten Free and Vegan
  • Relaxing Body Oil Massage - A little goes a long way with our enticing mango scented massage oil with almond that glides effortlessly onto skin to reconnect with your partner for a special time
  • Tantalizing Tropical Fragrance - Enjoy a relaxing massage with our irresistible massaging oil that creates an enticing tropical aroma perfect for showing care after a steamy shower or long day apart
  • Easy Valentine Gifts for Him or Her - Stop searching for the boring valentines gifts for women and men and go for a tried and true token of your love that you can enjoy together or even alone
  • Nourishing Full Body Moisturizer - Get your juices flowing with our enchanting massage oil for men and women and spoil each other with an at home spa experience ideal for making special memories
  • Maple Holistics Quality - We pride ourselves on our cruelty free scented massage oils for professional or home use with carefully chosen balanced oils for a long lasting massage you won’t forget
No. 5
Sensual Massage Oil: Best for Couples Erotic & Body Massage Therapy - Vegan Friendly Relaxing Aphrodisiac & Aromatherapy w/Lavender and Bergamot Essential Oils - USA Made
  • ✅ THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE OIL: Get the best spa massage experience with Kerah Lane body massage oil. It has an incredible blend of Lavender and Bergamot essential oils, which are prized for their ability to calm and relax, relieve muscle pain, it also promotes healthy and clear skin. A calming massage for sex to excite lovers. Revitalize and invigorate your senses NOW!
  • ✅ EXPERIENCE DEEP RELAXATION: Whether you're looking to give your partner the sexy spa treatment, kama sutra, or you just want to soothe your own tired skin our massage oil will provide aromatherapy benefits and will relax your mind and body.
  • ✅ REJUVENATE YOUR BODY: Perfect for men and women this sensual massage oil will soothe your skin, relax your muscles and enhances your psychological and physical well-being.
  • ✅ NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Pure therapeutic grade oils of sunflower, sesame, olive, borage, jojoba, rosehip seed, flax seed, ester of palm oil; essential oils of lavender and bergamot; cannavis sativa; chamomile; lavandula angustifolia, aloe barbadensis & calendula officinalis.
  • ✅ GUARANTEED: Animal cruelty free & vegan friendly, manufactured on our top-quality USA facilities. We stand by our products and take customer satisfaction seriously. Buy with confidence with 30 days money back guarantee!
No. 6
Exsens Let's Travel Warming Intimate Massage Oil Kit, 3 Bottles of Massage Oil, 1 Fluid Ounce
  • Experience Full Body Pleasure with Exsens travel sized intimate massage gels. Condom friendly and safe to use on any body part. Explore intimate areas as desired with warming sensations and delectable flavors that will have you coming back for more
  • Enhance Intimate Foreplay and oral pleasure with each flavor from the travel kit and add excitement to your next trip. Whether it's Hot Vanilla, Strawberry, or Coconut, there's a flavor of sensual oil to make every occasion invigorating
  • Sensually Delicious with 3 fun lickable flavors that will satisfy your taste buds and senses. This sexual enhancing warming gel will make your play even hotter and tastes as good as it feels. Mouth-to-skin contact intensifies the heating effect
  • Safe Vegan and Paraben Free Ingredients made in France. Silky formula that teases and enhances pleasure with a gentle warming sensation when spread on intimate areas. Just one taste, and you'll be hooked. Turn every lick and caress into an erotic journey
  • Easy Clean Up with a clear, non-staining formula, our oil will wash off easily with no unpleasant residue or bitter aftertaste. Mouth to skin contact intensifies the heating effect. 3 - 1fl. oz travel sized pump bottles with fun glow in the dark strips
SaleNo. 7
Sensual Massage Oil - Unscented - Organic Hemp Massage Oil for Couples
41 Consomer Reviews
Sensual Massage Oil - Unscented - Organic Hemp Massage Oil for Couples
  • ✴︎UNSCENTED HEMP SENSUAL MASSAGE OIL - *new formula* A blend of natural ingredients exquisitely crafted to spark intimacy and well-being. Lightweight, non-greasy, and hypoallergenic, the luxurious nutrients promote healthy skin for all skin types. This massage oil blend is scent and fragrance free for skin (and nose) sensitivities. When you need more than words—Kundalini Flame Sensual Massage Oil is the best romantic massage oil to transport your partner to nirvana.
  • ✴︎HYPOALLERGENIC - Lightweight and non-greasy, this hypoallergenic sensual massage oil provides a smooth glide and absorbs at the perfect rate. Skin becomes velvety smooth and leaves behind no greasy residue when used in the appropriate amount.
  • ✴︎UNSCENTED - *new formula - The unscented hemp massage oil for couples has been reformulated to ensure it is odorless.
  • ✴︎STAIN-FREE - This clear formula does not stain sheets or clothes if a moderate amount is applied.
  • ✴︎OUR PLANET AND HER HUMANS — Treating our planet and her humans with love is our priority. We go to great lengths to ensure sustainability and being eco-friendly. Our products are vegan. We do not test on animals.
No. 8
Nooky Lavender Massage Oil. with Essential and Jojoba Oils for Therapeutic Massaging 16 Ounce.
  • HYDRATE YOUR SKIN FOR LONGER, aid relief of migraine and improve wellness with our relaxing Nooky Lavender Body Massage Lotion. Your body will be left feeling rehydrated, rejuvenated and relaxed long after you're done
  • EASILY ABSORBED, to ensure no oily or greasy residue remains, only the feeling of young, supple skin.
  • A LIGHT, ORGANIC AROMATIC LAVENDER FRAGRANCE that won't overpower your senses, making Nooky ideal for couples wanting to add sensual and relaxation aromatherapy massages to their repertoire.
  • OUR THERAPEUTIC GRADE massage oil is made from 100% natural ingredients, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Nooky Massage Oil is suitable for all skin types andnow comes in a handy pump pack that men and women will love. We will happily send you a full refund if you don’t love our Nooky Lavender Massage Oil. That's our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
SaleNo. 10
Sensual Massage Oil - Passion - Erotic Hemp Massage Oil for Couples
  • ✴︎PREMIER INGREDIENTS - All ingrediets are 100% all-natural and organic. These skin-loving ingredients are nutrient-dense and cater to all skin types. Sensitive skin types have benefited from using Kundalini Flame Sensual Massage Oil.
  • ✴︎HYPOALLERGENIC - Lightweight and non-greasy, this hypoallergenic sensual massage oil provides a smooth glide and absorbs into the skin at the best rate for massage oil. Skin becomes velvety smooth and no greasy residue is left behind when used in an appropriate amount.
  • ✴︎PASSION SCENT - The scent in Passion is a light and alluring waft of fresh rose that heightens the senses and will have you wanting more. The scent holds a pure, floral note due to its high quality and grade.
  • ✴︎STAIN FREE - our clear formula does not stain sheets or clothes when used as intended.
  • ✴︎OUR PLANET AND HER HUMANS — Treating our planet and her humans with love is our priority. We go to great lengths to ensure sustainability and being eco-friendly while making our best massage oils for romantic couples. Our products are vegan. We do not test on animals.
No. 12
Shunga Erotic Massage Oil Desire 240Ml
  • This 100% natural oil with intoxicating fragrances glides easily and smoothly over the skin without
  • you can heat the oil in hot water for an even hotter touch.
No. 13
shangdi Men Massage Essential Oil,Body&Penis Massage Oil,Erotic Massage Essential Oil for Body Care,Valentine's Day Men's Health Care 30ml
  • This massage essential oil is made of grape fruit extract, jojoba seed extract and vitamin E. Effectively promote blood circulation and keep skin elastic Essential oil can improve the quality of sexual life, increase lubrication, promote hormone secretion, and have a certain effect on penis growth.
  • The essential oil helps to create a natural and comfortable atmosphere. This smell will make your brain feel romantic and relaxed. Our men's essential oil has a very good smell. When you use it, you will feel very excited.
  • We can also use essential oil by massage. Massage is mainly to absorb essential oil through the skin, which is a very important method in aromatherapy, because massage itself has many benefits. In addition, the effect of essential oil is even better! The method of massage is to dilute the essential oil with vegetable oil, then smear it on the body, and carry out massage actions such as pushing, pressing and kneading to relax the muscles and awaken the body consciousness!
  • Men's essential oil can increase sexual desire, promote erection, prolong sexual life, resist fatigue, and enhance muscle endurance. Our product can be directly applied to the genital area. During the use of men's essential oil, it is beneficial to improve the symptoms of shorter sexual life, and also to improve the thickness and length of the penis. To have a good conditioning effect, you can directly smear it on the genital area and massage it.
  • At the same time, it is advised to avoid having too much sex and overwork.
SaleNo. 14
Sensual Massage Oil - Serenity - Erotic Hemp Massage Oil for Couples
  • NEW - Formula, New Scent
  • ✴︎SERENITY - This Lavender scent holds a pure, floral note. It is void of the musky note often found in lavender. Its aroma is pleasant and does not become a heavy-bodied scent, regardless of repeated application.
  • ✴︎LIGHTWEIGHT, NON-GREASY, NO OILY RESIDUE - Our signature blend is formulated to provide a smooth glide, absorb at the perfect rate, and leave skin velvety smooth, without leaving a greasy residue on the skin.
  • ✴︎STAIN FREE - our clear formula does not stain sheets or clothes when used as intended.
  • ✴︎PREMIER INGREDIENTS - 100% all-natural formula. These skin-loving ingredients are nutrient dense and cater to all skin types. Sensitive skin types have benefitted from using this product. The blend of all-natural oils include: Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, and Vitamin E.
  • ✴︎OUR PLANET AND HER HUMANS — Treating our planet and her humans with love is our priority. We go to great lengths to ensure sustainability and being eco-friendly. Our products are vegan. We do not test on animals.
SaleNo. 15
Lavender Relaxation Massage Oil with Massage Roller Ball - No Stain 100% Natural Blend of Spa Quality Oils for Calming, Aromatic, Soothing Massage Therapy
  • CALMING, SOOTHING AND AROMATIC SPA QUALITY MASSAGE OIL MADE IN USA- Cosmetasa Relaxation Massage Oil is crafted with a unique blend of quality oils to provide the perfect balance of a gentle, lightweight and soothing massage. Lavender oil infuses this premium massage oil with a calming aroma that will enhance your wellbeing.
  • THE PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR MASSAGE TREATMENT This premium massage ball is unique in its 360-degree spin design which allows it to glide on the skin and smooth any knots or tension. Just add a few drops of massage oil and enjoy a soothing, relaxing massage without pressure or pain in your fingers.
  • DEEPLY NOURISHING AND MOISTURIZING- Sweet almond oil and tocopherol greatly contribute to this massage oil’s deeply nourishing, and hydrating properties
  • LUXURIOUSLY LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA- The natural, soothing aroma combined with the lightweight, silky smooth, non-greasy qualities of our massage oil make it a perfect addition to your body care routine. Our body treatment oil is also easily and effectively absorbed in the skin without leaving any greasy residue.
  • ALL-NATURAL BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS- Cosmetasa Relaxation Massage oil is cruelty, paraben, sulfate and phthalate free. It is also free of any artificial fragrances.
No. 16
Verana Rose Sensual Body Massage Oil for Couples, Natural Cosmetic for Erotic Sexual Pleasure, Aromatherapy 8 oz
  • 👍 Erotic massage oil "Rosa" awakens the sexual mood and increases the sexual attraction to the partner, gives couples confidence in themselves and their sexuality and increases the sensitivity of the erogenous zones. During the massage, the oil relieves emotional stress, increases blood flow to the intimate areas, increases skin elasticity and increases the sensitivity to touch
  • 🌹 Rose essential oil is one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs. Increases sexual mood, increases skin sensitivity to touch, stimulates the partner's sexual desire, reveals the partner's sexuality, improves skin elasticity, gives the partner confidence in himself and his sexuality, and stimulates the erotic imagination and fantasy
  • 🌼 Ylang-ylang essential oil is an active natural aphrodisiac. It increases sexual mood, gives couples confidence, improves the sensitivity of erogenous zones, helps to relax and get rid of complexes, increases arousal of couples, stimulates the couple's sexual desire and arouses erotic fantasy
  • 🍇 In addition to rose oil, the massage oil contains: grape seed oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, castor oil, almond oil
  • 🌿 Natural cosmetics. Vegan. No GMO. Cruelty Free. Made with love in Latvia, Europe
No. 18
What Other Couples Do
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Michael Marc Friedman, Cate Beehan, Emily Maya Mills (Actors)
  • Courtney Daniels (Director) - Courtney Daniels (Writer) - Jim Armogida (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)
No. 19
Indecent Massage: An erotic short story
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Rose, Skye-Anne (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 12 Pages - 09/10/2020 (Publication Date)
No. 20
Sensual Couples Massage: Pleasure Your Man Instructional Video [Blu-ray]
  • Shondra Fields (Actor)
  • Richard Isshi (Director)
  • Audience Rating: Unrated (Not Rated)

How to choose a good erotic massage oils

Does the idea of finding a fantastic erotic massage oils make you anxious? When it comes to purchasing this product, specifically when deciding which model to select, has your head been spinning between options? You are not alone if that is the case. We are aware of the pressure involved in the purchasing process!

Your presence here indicates that you are interested in erotic massage oils. Before choosing which product would be the best for your needs after being inundated with information, locate a reliable source with genuine selections. You can get that information from a variety of sources, including buying guides and rating websites, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, online discussion forums where users can share their own experiences, product reviews that can be found all over the internet, and YouTube channels. You can only get the right product through exhaustive analysis. But you realize that’s not always simple. In order to ease your concerns, we have taken the time to develop a list of the top erotic massage oils products available right now. You might be wondering how we came up with the list. How was this buying guide developed?

First, we used our algorithms to gather as much reliable data as we could about these products. To verify all the data gathered, we used both artificial intelligence and a lot of algorithms.
Then, our experts used criteria that are recognized in the business to evaluate them according to their quality to price ratio, allowing us to choose the top erotic massage oils on the market right now!

The selection of the goods is not arbitrary. Before creating a list, we take into account a number of factors. Below are some of the criteria discussed:

Brand Value: What happens if you choose a dubious brand just because it appears to be a good deal? So the likelihood of receiving a product with a short shelf life increases. That is due to the fact that well-known brands have a reputation to uphold, while others do not. Top erotic massage oils brands strive to provide some distinctive traits that set them apart from the competition. So, hopefully one or more of the items on our list will be perfect for you.

Features: Useful features are all you need, not tons of them. We consider the important aspects and select the top erotic massage oils based on those.

Specifications: Numbers always help you measure the quality of a product in a quantitative way. We try to find products with higher specifications, but with the right balance.

Quality: A product’s quality may always be quantified with the aid of numbers. We look for goods with better standards that strike the proper balance. The best quality product that gets highly appreciated and recommended by experienced users.

Customer ratings:  Would it be accurate to suggest that the erotic massage oils were used by hundreds of customers before you? Superior ratings indicate that many customers had better service.

Customer Reviews: Like ratings,  provide you with accurate and reliable information about the product from genuine customers. Customer ratings are very important to all of us because they contain accurate and reliable information about the customer service we received from several hundred customers.

Seller Rank: This is very intriguing! Not only do you need a good erotic massage oils, you also need a product with rising sales that is trendy. It accomplishes two goals. First, the expanding user base proves the quality of the product. Second, given that number, producers must be able to offer greater quality and after-sales support.

Value: You get what you pay for, they say, so consider the value. Cheap isn’t always good and expensive isn’t always bad. However, that does not imply that spending a lot of money on a product that is flashy but underwhelming is a good idea. Before adding them to the list, we make an effort to evaluate how much value you can get for your money from your erotic massage oils.

Durability: Durability and reliability are closely related concepts. You will benefit from a strong and long-lasting erotic massage oils for months and years to come.

Product availability: Products come and go, and new ones replace the old ones. Most likely, a few new features and required changes were made. What use is it to use a supposedly good product if the maker no longer supports it? We make an effort to highlight products that are current and offered by one or more trustworthy sellers, if not more.

Negative Reviews: Yes, we do take that into account as well! The goods with the majority of bad reviews are filtered out and disregarded when we choose the best-rated one on the market.

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This guide is the result of more than 10 years of experience in researching, testing and writing about many topics. Each member of our team is an authority in their area. We read every article we could find online and every consumer review on every retail website for seven hours. Additionally, we discovered a ton of websites that offered helpful resources, including buying tips and thorough information on erotic massage oils.